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    • Text needs vertical space between its characters and may need to be adjusted for each font. The general recommendation is to use the browser default line-height of 1.2em.
    • Restrict the number of fonts used and the typographic scale: too many fonts and font sizes lead to messy and overly complex page layouts.

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    @media (query) {
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    Javascript is not found in source codes   
    As of 2017 the use of JavaScript will be blocked by eBay. Please make sure that you are not using Javascript in your eBay offers. Javascript is mostly used for the presentation of galleries, cross-selling, buy buttons or visual effects.
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    As part of HTML 5 Definition of active content, as of 2017 the use of HTML forms in eBay offers will be suppressed. HTML forms are normally used for search or newsletter functionality. Please make sure that no HTML forms is used in your template.
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