Holistic digital solutions for your business

Your customers deserve the perfect purchasing experience. They need time and cost efficiency, optimally aligned to their processes. At i-ways, we pave the way for the sustainable success of your business with our individual digitalisation solutions.

Digital start with the IDEAS concept

In order to design the digitalisation process optimally for our clients, we have developed the IDEAS concept:


Analysis and new impulses for your success


Creation and optimisation of processes and systems


Coaching and service for your day-to-day business


The right message at the right time and at the right place


New horizons for revenue and reach

Our team of experts will accompany your digital transformation – transparently and in future-proof manner.



Reveal potential and get started with new ideas

We can analyse the potential of both your current and potential business models, products, markets and target groups. This analysis gives us the basis to develop concepts, which guarantee a consistent experience for your customers. With the aid of workshops we can develop a strategy, together with you, for the digitalisation of your company processes.


Form and function for websites, market places and Apps

Our digital solutions are adapted specifically to your company processes and enable a consistent End-to-End integration of your procurement and
marketing channels. An important factor for us, is that the representation of your brand is CI compliant. This is as important as the perfect user experience.


Technology, expertise and service from one single source

We implement customised software solutions and processes that are scalable to ensure your success. We can train your employees in their daily work with systems and processes or we can give them support with the operation, organisation and realisation of complex digital projects.

Reach your target group and influence them. Everywhere.
In real time.

Your target group is active on various communication channels – you can be too! We can offer you support to make sure that reach your target group with the right content on the customer journey at all touchpoints and in all phases of the purchase decision.


New sales markets and sales channels for additional business.

When you have created the basis for efficient processes and clearly defined the vision of the company, then it is time to exploit the growth potential.
We can offer you support in opening up new, international markets and target groups and also with the seamless scaling of your processes.

i-ways provides free tools and services that will help you optimise your online presence for customers.

eBay mobile friendly checker

Test your eBay store now for mobile optimisation and gain an advantage over the competition.

PayPal Plus integration

i-ways and PayPal provide free support for PayPal Plus shop integration.