Boost your sales using the right templates

Most buyers mistrust an offer if it does not appear legitimate or suite their style and personality. With a professional and custom designed eBay template, you will improve your sales and even gain new customers.

Your offer is supposed to seduce. You are not only selling goods, but also emotions. The assortment needs to be presented in an atmospheric and attractive manner – be it in a local-, online- or an eBay store. Customers have psychologically the desire for clear arrangement and orientation. Using a unique template, you will be able to satisfy this desire perfectly.

Best customer journey

Your customers will be amazed by your eBay store’s user friendly and optically appealing presence. The templates offer excellent clarity, are adaptable and multifunctional. eBay competitive marketplace with many other contenders and an ever growing number of customers. With help of a professional and promotional template, you will stand out and increase your sales. Make your customers love your store and come back for their next purchase.

Better sales through better eBay templates

Increase your sales and your popularity. Professional eBay templates bring out the entire potential of your store. Outdo your competition and win new customers offering a modern appearance, that suits your target group. We develop eBay templates for retailers, wholesale merchants, producers and brands.


Advantages of our eBay templates:

Custom made: We develop eBay templates perfectly adapted to your corporate design. Surprise your customers with seasonal layouts, which you can easily change per click. Christmas, Easter, sport events such as the Olympics or the European Football Championship – any special occasion can be integrated into your shop theme.

Intuitive filter navigation: eBay users often rely on filters, in order to find exactly what they are looking for in a shorter period of time. We pay great attention to that fact and use eBay´s intuitive filter navigation as a basic for our eBay templates. Customers will not only find your products easier on eBay, but will also enjoy shopping at your store a lot more.

Mobile friendly: The mobile environment has become one of the most important distribution channels over the past years. Therefore, it is important to optimize your store appearance for mobile devices. Our templates are responsive, reactive and adaptable. This is the best solution for the eBay shopping app. Check if your Products are mobile friendly over our free mobile friendly checker

Increase traffic and sales: More traffic and a longer retention period in your web store will have a positive influence on your sales. The integrated cross selling gallery will automatically make suggestions for similar or additional products your shop visitors might be interested in.

Social Media Integration: Let your customers talk about your store and your products over social media and increase your popularity. Integrating social media buttons in your shop is the best way to power up traffic and show potential buyers your interactive side.

Advanced listing: It couldn´t get easier than that. Our templates are compatible with almost all listing tools on the market. That means you do not have to change your listing system and still use appealing templates for your shop. In case you are not using a professional listing tool, we might have a great offer for you: check here.

Best usability: You do not need advanced skills in programming or have to be an HTML-expert in order to work with our templates. A user friendly CRM allows you and your employees to easily place and manage your products on eBay and add extra values to your store. Opening times, phone numbers, AGBs, legal notices or even promotional banners can be integrated without re-listing products at all.

Feature summary:

  • Dropdown menufor merchants with multiple branches
  • Search function for products and content (i-ways Quickfinder)
  • Dynamic slider + dynamic category –  and filternavigation
  • Separate display for different branches via layer
  • Product pictures- and specifications, zoom function
  • Integrated „price offer”, „buy it now” and „place bid“ including current value
  • Separate “auction” – and “buy it now”layers
  • Adaptable start page, product data and appearance
  • Dynamic search result list and cross selling galleries
  • Open ports to various listing tools
  • Standard interface for eBay (check product specifications, category information etc.)


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