We integrate PayPal PLUS into your online store for free, providing a great solution for flawless transactions.

PayPal PLUS gives you the best opportunity to fulfill transactions through all channels:   PayPal Wallet, Credit- or Debit-Card or per Invoice. Integrating PayPal PLUS will save you a plain amount of time and money, ease up your accounting and guarantee you a prompt and complete payments.

This is a great solution for small or medium-sized retailers, for it allows them to satisfy their customers’ needs for flexible payments. Using PayPalPLUS will reduce the number of terminated transactions and increase your conversion rate. The design is optimized for mobile devices, which is ideal for multi- or omnichannel commerce.

Easy, flexible and transparent

You don´t have to put any extra effort in order to maintain fluent financial operations. Even if your customers prefer to pay per invoice, you will get the amount directly to your account. All further communication to the end-consumers will be processed by PayPal.

Flexibility and usability are the most relevant criteria for your customers. PayPal PLUS offers you a great chance to win their trust and guarantee them a great customer journey.

i-ways sales solutions and PayPal support the integration of the module into your shop-system for free.  Our service includes two hours for the technical integration and the activation of PayPal PLUS.